Welcome to Jet Wet Water Trucks


This water truck has been designed to provide the most efficient watering service available on today’s market.

We provide the application of water at speeds of up to 1.5 times more efficient than compared to the standard water trucks available.


Specialist Services

    • Horticultural Watering, specialising in:
    • New Turf
    • New Garden Beds
    • New Plantings
    • Hand Watering


    • The following additives can be easily added to the water truck and applied efficiently and quickly:
    • Liquid Fertilisers
    • Calcium / Gypsum
    • Wetting Agents
    • Dust Control Agents

Water Truck Specifications

    • Tank & Pumping Facilities:
    • 15,000 Litre Capacity
    • Electric Wind Hose Reel (45 metres of 25 mm hose) with adjustable nozzle
    • Self priming (self filling) hydraulic, ISO Spec Pump.
    • Cannon mounted to top of the tank – able to reach up to 45 metres, 360 degree swivel and up down movement, adjustable from fog to jet from inside the cab.
    • 75 mm Impact Sprinkler with an adjustable trajectory from 15 to 45 degrees. Maximum distance from the truck is 60 metres (radius). Ideal for horticultural watering of turf, seeded areas or dust suppression. No need to pull out the hose when it can be reached from the truck.
    • Ability to pump 15,000 Litres of Water within 7.5 Minutes under High Pressure
    • Over head filling funnel.
    • Two rear gravity feed sprays for track dust control
    • Five high pressure rear outlets with various fittings and angles.
    • 2 Front High Pressure Street Washing Outlets
    • Safety Aspects:
    • Certified Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) over the cab.
    • Three rotating beacons.
    • Reversing camera.
    • Reversing beeper.
    • Internal tank baffles.
    • Air operated safety frame – When access to the top of the tank is required, the ladder at the rear of the tank is folded down which triggers a switch. The switch activates the air operated rams. The rams fold to an upright position to provide a 600 mm barrier around the perimeter of the tank.
    • Air gap certified, back flow prevention.
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • First Aid Kit
    • UHF two way radio