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What You Will Discover At Our 3 Hour Evening Workshops!

When you attend our 3 Hour Evening Workshops, Advanced Strategies for Successful Practices, you will not only learn what works - and what doesn't - you'll also receive expert guidance from one of Australia’s leading practice growth experts. Best of all, as well as finding out the secrets to practice success, you will also develop a growth plan built around you, your practice, your goals, your strengths, your competition, your marketplace and your budget.

How many of these goals would you like to achieve?

Practitioners and their staff attend our 3 Hour Evening Workshops for many reasons, but some of the most common goals include:

  1. Multiply referrals from other health care practitioners.
  2. Grow your number of new patients.
  3. Build the practice's reputation (brand) to stand out in a positive way.
  4. Ethically attract your ideal patient.
  5. Fight back against aggressive competition.
  6. Bring cash patients into the practice.
  7. Support new associate(s).
  8. How to put systems into the practice.
  9. Reduce your contact hours.
  10. Increase your marketing effectiveness.
  11. Support new technologies.
  12. Work smarter not harder.
  13. Multiply patient referrals.
  14. Win at Internet Marketing.
  15. Increase revenues.
  16. Become more profitable.

What You Will Learn In The 3 Hours...

  1. The 7 Big Mistakes Most Health Care Practitioners Make With Their Marketing & How To Avoid Them.
  2. The 5 Essential Ingredients To A Successful Marketing Campaign.
  3. How To Increase The Response To Your Marketing By At Least 47% In 3 Months Or Less.
  4. How Your Patient Visit Average Can Be Improved By At Least 22% Using 4 Little Known Secrets.
  5. Learn the Hidden Truth Behind The “Lifetime Value” of A Patient.
  6. Why Most Health Care Practitioners Don’t Effectively Market Their Practice & The Consequences Of This.
  7. The One Big Mistake Most Health Care Practitioners Are Making With New Patients.
  8. How To Increase The Chances Of A New Patient Referring By At Least 34% By Doing Just One Simple Thing.
  9. Why Most Health Care Practitioners Are Failing To Reach Their Practice Goals & How To Solve This.
  10. Why Too Many Health Care Practitioners Are Concerned About Their Practice Overheads & How This Is Holding Them Back From Reaching Their Goals.
  11. Why the right systems are the key to a long term successful practice.
  12. How to grow your practice from the inside spending virtually no or little money at all.

Plus much more!

These 3 hour evening workshops will be run separately for each individual profession.

Dates in Capital Cities soon to be released.

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