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Dr. Anthony Capiaghi


Dr. Anthony Capiaghi’s Chiropractic & Allied Health Care Practice changed in 2001, back then he was working 60-70 hours per week in 5 & half days. His gross turnover was about $300,000.00 with expenses running at 41%. Sure, he was doing OK but he was tired, very tired.  

It was then that he decided that he needed to do something different in his practice – he decided to start working on his practice instead of working in it all the time. He researched & studied everything he could about marketing & systems & how this could relate to his practice. What he discovered was that the most successful practitioners were not necessarily the best at what they did but they were the best marketers of what they did & had the best systems in practice. So he started to market his practice first externally & then internally & he tested various systems in his practice. A lot of what he tried didn’t work but some things really worked well & he kept repeating what worked well & improved on it. For the first time in his career he was not sitting & waiting for new patients to call him, he now could actually control the amount of new patients he wanted to see just like turning a tap on & off in your own backyard. He now also had strategies & systems to get those patients to pay, stay & refer.

Well, his practice just grew out of sight. In 13 months his gross turnover was at a million dollars & his expenses had dropped to just below 30%. He had also reduced his work hours to 40 hours per week in 4 days. With his practice running at this level since then he was able to employ associates & extra staff members to work in his practice while he just worked on his practice.

With his practice running at this level for another 2 years he was able to sell his practice to one of his associates which enabled him to free up his time to consult to & teach other health care practitioners who also wanted to grow their practices, increase their bottom line & reduce their contact hours. Ideal Practice started out in late 2004 as Anthony & Jackie’s Simple Solutions & has now grown into one of Australia’s leading Health Care Consultancy Firms having worked with over 260 individual practitioners & their teams.

Dr. Anthony Capiaghi is a sought after speaker as well communicating his message at Boot Camps, Seminars & Workshops both here & in Asia with some audiences in excess of 500 attendees.    

Debbie Baily

Associate Consultant

Debbie has worked in private practice for 28 years, opening 3 practices from scratch and plans to make herself redundant in her own practice in the next 12 months. During that time she's been married for 27 years, divorced for 2, raised 3 kids and coped with the highs and lows of family life at the same time as building a practice in the last 10 years that's gone from being just her to employing 9 staff.

If you think that you would relate well to someone who has "walked the walk" and you are looking for a practice coach who is down to earth and understands the many plates you are trying to keep in the air, Debbie has done it herself and can speak from personal experience.

Libby Jamieson
Associate Consultant

Libby graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) in 1987. After working and travelling overseas in both England and Europe for 3 years, she then completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy in 1992 and opened up Private Practice in Rockingham, Western Australia in 1993 with her husband.

In 1999, the Business, Grange Physiotherapy won an award at the Telstra Regional Small Business Awards and has grown substantially since initial conception. Grange Physiotherapy has now become one of the leading sports and rehabilitation clinics in the City of Rockingham and is still growing. Libby has 4 children and also has a passion for Real Estate and Business Management. She works both in her clinic as a sports specialist, and consults to other health clinics through Ideal Practice.

Kellie Sanders
Associate Consultant (Personal Training)

Kellie has spent nearly a decade in the fitness industry covering areas such as gym instruction, personal training, membership sales, gym management and the development of a very successful outdoor group fitness program and recently teaching Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, Certificate 4 in Small Business Management, Certificate 4 in Business Development, Diploma in Business and Advanced Diploma in Business.

Having owned my own personal training studio for over 6 years Kellie understands how frustrating running a fitness business can be, she thought that she was the only personal trainer that was going through the challenges, which we now know was not the case! To help save you lots of dollars and stress we have the simple proven strategies to ensure you are successful which hundreds of personal trainers are using all over Australia.

Dr Simon Mauger
Web Design, Web Marketing, IT Development, Database Management

Dr Simon Mauger graduated from R.M.I.T. University in 1993 with a degree in Chiropractic. He ran a successful private practice in Melbourne from 1993 until 2009.

Simon developed his web & IT skills specifically in the health care field while still running his practice & in 2009 retired from practice to take on this role full time. Simon has been involved with Ideal Practice since 2004 working with clients & presenting at Ideal Practice seminars.

Simon has joined the Ideal Practice team to meet the growing needs of our clients web based applications.

Glenn West
Web Design, Web Marketing, IT Development, Database Management

The full time career for Glenn started off by joining the Armed Forces in 1990. Glenn joined as a Communications and Intelligence specialist, whereby after 10 years of service left the Defence Force with honours.

After being extensively trained in all Communication platforms, including establishing the first computer system onboard Naval warships, Glenn entered into the Commercial arena of IT support.

Some of the roles included:

  • Team Leader @ Heinz Watties Australasia (3 level support)
  • TPG Networks Australia – Branding and Business Development
  • Telstra – Communications Consultant for SE Quadrant of Victoria

In early 2009, Glenn decided that focusing on simplifying technology for businesses, was an area of great passion and focus. In early 2010 Glenn joined the Ideal Practice team.

Glenn’s focus in his work at Ideal Practice is as follows:

  • All business dealings must have value for each party
  • Keep it simple with discussions on technical aspects
  • Provide world class leadership on the Australian online market
  • Understand that each individual business/practice has a unique value to its clients and presenting that online

With Glenn’s experience in operating in the IT world for now over 20 years, yet still a highly infectious and youthful enthusiasm, his ability to provide the latest cutting edge online solutions is second to none in Australia for health care practices.

Vanessa Oliveri
Graphic Designer

Vanessa is a fully qualified Graphic Designer with over 8 years experience in the industry.

Having worked with major advertising agencies and individual businesses as well as many health care practices, Vanessa understands the importance of helping clients define their business/practice brand to create a cohesive look and as such offers an extremely professional, responsive & detailed approach to ensure client satisfaction.

Jackie Capiaghi

Administration and Associate Consultant

Jackie has worked for and in several health care practices in a secretarial, PA or admin role. She has a strong working knowledge of the behind the scenes/back office work that is needed to make a practice successful.

She is also a qualified business consultant and works with the back office teams of our clients to streamline their procedures and increase the profitability of these practices. She also looks after all the administration at Ideal Practice.

Susan Thatcher

Personal Assistant & Admin Support

Susan has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years, her nursing career has enabled develop many transferable skills. She assists the coaching team in working with our clients.  

She is directly involved with the jobs placement & practices for sale role at Ideal Practice.

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