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Since 2004, Anthony Capiaghi has spoken to thousands of healthcare practitioners and their teams on the topic of private practice growth and marketing both at his own Boot Camps & as a guest speaker both here in Austarlia & overseas. 
Give your conference and meeting attendees the information they REALLY need but don't get — Practical, Ethical and Effective Practice Growth Strategies!

Add Value To Your Meeting or Conference

Let's face it... you already have more than enough clinical sessions and speakers. You may even have a few sessions devoted to general or specific business topics like medical malpractice or financial planning.

But your members and conference attendees are desperately seeking (and usually lacking) effective practice and business strategies for controlled and profitable practice GROWTH!
It's been said that it's virtually impossible to work ON your business while you are working IN your business. And make no mistake... owning a private healthcare practice in Australia today is most definitely a business as well as a profession.

One of the greatest values that professional meetings and conferences can offer its participants is the opportunity to expand their knowledge, skills and perspective in an environment that is free from the distractions of the day-to-day grind of professional practice.

But these days, too often the expectations of healthcare practice owners for their professional meetings and conferences is less than it should be and, not coincidentally, so is corresponding attendance.

More and more, healthcare professionals are asking themselves, "Is it really going to be worth my time and expense to attend?" Increasingly, the answer is "No."

The reality is that the right speaker can have your audience thinking (and saying), "It was worth coming here just to hear THIS presentation." But the right topic will peak their interest in attending as well as valuing your meeting or conference. And when you combine the must-hear topic with the most dynamic presenter, you really have a powerful combination that will invite greater attendance and enthusiasm by your participants.

What if you could provide such a session for your attendees... delivered by one of the top national experts on the subject? Wouldn't that make your meeting or conference more valuable and attractive than ever?

Here are just a few of the valuable topics that can be customized for presentation by Dr. Anthony Capiaghi at your meeting or conference either as a breakout session, general session or keynote address:

  • Increase revenues and profits by creating ongoing effective professional referral systems
  • Ethically attract your ideal type of patient that will pay, stay and refer
  • Target prospective patients strategically  
  • Improve your staff's effectiveness
  • Increasing patient convergence and compliance
  • Leverage your patient base to generate more word-of-mouth new patient referrals
  • Leverage your patient base to value and utilize more of your services ethically
  • Creating patients that are a ‘walking billboard’ for your practice
  • Internal and external Ethical marketing
  • Creating a powerful presence on the Internet
  • How to market effectively to businesses in your community at little or no cost
  • How to make the most from your most valuable asset - your existing patient base
  • Cross-promotion strategies and strategic alliance programs with other businesses
  • And much more...

To increase the attendance, value and positive feedback for your next meeting or conference by scheduling a speaking engagement from Dr. Anthony Capiaghi contact us by calling 1300.

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